The balkan Monaco


The Balkan Monaco

Tivat is getting overrun by rich bellends - it's that simple. The place is now littered with yachts and pointlessly expensive shops.

The place looks nice, some cool restaurants and stuff, but it will be far too expensive for Montenegrins to live there pretty soon - pushed out of their home by rich pricks from other countries.

It'll just become a bigger version of Monaco.

I've been to Montenegro before, I stayed in Kotor last time, which is pretty cool - very touristy. Tanya had never been, so this is the first place we decided to visit after going back to Ukraine for a few weeks after the first year had passed. She needed to replace some stuff, then we spotted this flight, so jumped on it.

Pretty sure I'll never return to Montenegro. I've also heard that Podgorica is the most boring capital city in the world, but I can't really comment on that.