Athens and Crete for a bit


Athens and Crete for a bit

Greece to me is just a holiday destination for Brits. I've been to Greece a couple of times on holiday, so I was just expecting it to be full of British people on holiday. I ran into quite a few Brits in Athens by the tourist attractions, which you'd expect, and quite a lot more when we got to Crete, so it was pretty much as expected.

Both places are nice, don't get me wrong, but Athens has an awful side. Not far away from the tourist attractions, you'll find streets littered with heroin addicts injecting during the day. I seen so many blokes with needles still in their arms as they had passed out. I seen used needles all over the streets. It was fucking disgusting. I spoke to some Greek people I know and they were shocked that I didn't know Athens was like this - apparently all Greeks know!

Anyway, we had a class apartment, but it was in a shit area by Omonoia station - just stay away from that part.

We jumped on a ferry from Athens to Crete which took a while but was a cool way of getting around without flying everywhere.

In Crete we stayed in a hotel and it wasn't great. They had internet issues constantly, which is deadly for us as digital nomads.

The beaches where we stayed weren't very nice either really, but we had literally flown there from the Caribbean, so maybe we were expecting too much, or maybe we visited the wrong beaches as most people are aware that Greece has boss beaches.

Anyway, Tanya enjoyed it, I thought it was ok. I'll probably visit some more islands at some point.