Few weeks in Bulgaria


Few weeks in Bulgaria

The only real option after Greece was Bulgaria, due to Covid restrictions and the direction we wanted to head, so we flew from Crete to Sofia in the evening. Upon landing the taxi driver took us to ladies market, which is right in the centre, and where our apartment was - literally next to the market. Really good location.

I'd been to Sofia before and enjoyed it. Tanya had been to another part of Bulgaria in the past.

We stayed in Sofia for a couple of weeks, had Tanya's birthday there - we didn't do anything special, just relaxed and checked some stuff out before heading to Plovdiv on the train.

Plovdiv was pretty cool, but extremely hot as it was the middle of summer. I found an abandoned stadium and an abandoned house. I like checking out abandoned stuff, I find it very interesting.

I'd recommend Plovdiv if you're going to Bulgaria.

I'd come back to Bulgaria again, but maybe over by the sea.