Few weeks in Sarajevo


A few weeks in Sarajevo

So I'd been to Bosnia before, and Sarajevo in particular during a solo Balkan road trip I did a few years ago before starting a YouTube channel, but Tanya hadn't been, so we decided to jump on a bus from Dubrovnik to Čapljina, then on a train the next day to Sarajevo.

The first two days were sunny, then it rained for the next two weeks and got pretty cold. It was heading towards winter though.

Anyway, my friend Dari was also in Sarajevo so we met up with her, had some dinner, then we went on a night out, which is really unlike me, I'm not a fan, especially in countries where you can smoke inside bars. They all enjoyed the night, Dari, Tanya and Dari's friend Amer, but it was pretty obvious that I was not enjoying myself. Anyway we left at like midnight and headed back to the apartment as we had a flight the next day. All of our clothes from that night stank of smoke, disgusting.

Bosnia is slightly different than the other post-Yugoslav countries, as it seems to have had a much bigger Ottoman influence, which makes it quite interesting. Some really dark history too, but I'll let you do your own research there.

Pretty cool place, but I think I've been enough times now so probably won't return. It's also really difficult to get in and out of Sarajevo as the flights are limited.