Paris is shit.


The most overhyped city on the planet

I lived in France for years in my early 20s whilst playing football and running a business. I speak French. I've visited most of mainland France. I've been back to France many times since moving back to the UK. All of the relevant things you need to know about me to know I'm not just shitting on France, I'm shitting on Paris. It's a shit hole.

I've been to Paris many times for different reasons. Disneyland Paris a few times, meeting friends, parties, holidays, romantic getaways, quick stop offs, driving through, whatever. Every time it's been shit. The last time, which is when I took this photo, it was actually a bit better than all of the other times, as there were far fewer people due to Covid, and oddly, the Parisians in the service industry seemed to have gained some manners, which is bizarre. They're known around the world for being rude.

I get that they get annoyed with Americans just shouting at them in English, and other people trying to speak French but failing, so the Parisians take over speaking English, which they don't see as rude but most other people do, but I speak French, they don't need to switch to English with me - so at no point should I have this issue with waiters in Paris, but I had it multiple times, except this time. It was like all of those people had been booted out of France, replaced with nice people - mad.

But, the city is still overhyped, full of scammers (you can see it on my YouTube), the gendarms do nothing, they know the scammers are there but don't care - lazy fucks. They'd rather let the scammers take money from innocent tourists, and threaten anybody who tries to expose them, but fail, because these scammers are dumb pussies.

Anyway, we ran around Paris, had some food, snacks, drinks, seen the sights again - still shit. Use your money wisely and choose any other city in France. France is one of my favourite countries. French people outside are Paris are class. Couldn't give a shit if any Parisians are offended by this post either.

Must point out that I was in Paris a while ago with a lad from my French football team and we ended up at an underground comedy club and that was boss. Super hidden away, only about 20 seats. Great night. Shit like this makes a city boss, but Paris has so many downsides that it's impossible for these things to shine through.

We spent one night in Paris, one night in Beauvais, then flew to Cyprus.

Shout out France, French people and sound Parisians. Fuck the rude Parisians.

Will return to France forever and will always try to avoid Paris.