Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya & Train to Chiang Mai

Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya & Train to Chiang Mai

We arrived in Thailand from Nepal, just about. Thailand stopped letting people come for tourism, but we had already been accepted so it was fine for us.

For a country that's so anal about covid, the airport staff had literally no idea how to manage a queue. They had us fill in many forms online before arriving, but then had to fill in all sorts of crap when we arrived, it was very poorly managed.

Anyway we got in and Thailand is cool.

I enjoyed Bangkok far more than I expected, even with the stupid mask rules.

We went to Pattaya for a week or so, which I wouldn't recommend. Very seedy place full of fat white blokes with young Thai girls. We jumped on a speedboat to Koh Lan which was cool for about 45 mins.

We spent new year's eve in Pattaya and ended up in a live rock music bar which was actually pretty cool.

We went back to Bangkok on the bus, then the next morning got on an 11 hour train to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is class. Nobody bothers you about masks, it's hot, there's lots to do and the food is cheap, but still good.

We went to an elephant sanctuary which was cool. To see and feed elephants that had been rescued and were now happy was awesome. I'd recommend Chiang Mai.

I'd return to Thailand, but when the mask situation is gone so I can actually enjoy the place. I'd go to more of the country, maybe use the train network to get to the bordering countries too.

Thumbs up from me.